02 January 2012

Rite Aid week 1/1/12 extreme couponing here

I had a great day couponing today. And per normal, I really didn't think I was going to get anything today. Look what happened.

Visited 2 Rite Aids today and you might think I was planning on a year filled with pain. Hopefully that isn't the case. I just got a really great deal on pain killer this week.

The excedrine was $1.99 - $2.00 mq = free. And I had a few $1 video value coupons to use also. Plus part of the spend $100 get $20.
The bayer was part of a buy $30 get $10 up. Plus it is part of the diabetes buy $50 get $10 up. Plus part of the spend $100 get $20. $2.99 - $1.00 mq = 1.99. And had some $1 video values.
3 free remote controls
2 free Be Koool
2 free bags of picks

Ok really everything was free. Started with $5 up. Spent $2.74 cost and $10.78 tax. Ended with $36 up. And I don't think I am finished for the week.

Check my youtube video for an explanation.

29 December 2011

Christmas Clearance at Meijer

I went to 2 Meijer stores this week to check out their Christmas clearance items. Found some deals on Betty Croker cake mix that matched with the coupon buy a cake mix and frosting get .75 off. Didn't get the frosting on sale but the 2 items were about $1.82.

The nestle chips were a good deal with the $1/3 coupon.

Not in my video..I found the Betty Crocker cookie mix (pumpkin cookies) for around .90 and the .40 coupon doubled to make it .10 each.

There were some other coupon match ups that I didn't get because I just didn't need/want the items. I have way too much food in my house right now. It seems the more I get the less I cook. Odd paradox. This month I really made an effort to only buy really good deal food items. I am going to continue this until I eat up some of this stuff. Funny enough I discovered I have very few canned corn, greenbeans, and peas but have lots of canned tomatoes and black beans.

CVS shampoo clearance week of 12/25/11

CVS is having a big 75% off clearance on various shampoos and conditioners. With the coupons that will expire on 12/31/11 you can get many for less than 50 cents. Various ones I got were Panteen, Herbal Essence and Dove. Haven't found the Head and Shoulders that many people are reporting being on sale also.

They also have lots of cosmetics on 50 or 75% off.

These are some deals I got last night.

28 December 2011

my YouTube channel

I started a youtube channel because it is easy for me to upload videos from my phone.

It is at http://www.youtube.com/user/michellesfrugallivin

13 December 2011

Cheap or Free Shopping Week of 12/4/11

Ok, I went shopping way too many times last week but I did get alot of good stuff cheap or free and you can't argue with that. These are just my best deals. I did buy other items.

Rite Aid - The Revlon tools again were free and I was even buying the more expensive ones. I got 8 of those. Also got a bottle of Scope and Sucrets for free. M&Ms 4 bags for $4 but I probably paid nothing out of pocket because I roll my +UP rewards. Normally I wouldn't buy ready to mix cooking dough but it was part of a larger deal where I had to buy $50 get $10 back and it was part of a individual deal buy $12 get back $3 so I really didn't pay anything but tax. The Alive was in that deal also.

At CVS on first trip, I got 4 bottles of nail polish free (2 were revlon). Second trip, I got 2 Sally Hanson nail polish for .25 each and 6 Rimmel nail polish for .09 each. Would have gotten more if I had the coupons.

Meijer - I got the Snapware plastic containers in the back for 1.99 each (clearance and coupons). There are 4 containers each. Carefree was free. Ready to serve Minute Rice was free because I signed up to be a taste tester and got a get one free coupon with the free sample they sent me. The Mt Olive Pickles were on sale and got them for .66 each. Tuna helper was really cheap with manufacture coupon and mealbox coupon and on sale. UP2U gum, No Yolk noodles and Nestle water were free. Ortega salsa mix packets and the Chicken of the Sea pink salmon packs were really cheap as well as the little can of Rotel tomato sauce. The Reynolds cup cake cups were on sale and with q were about .75 each.

Kroger - free pomagranites, Toblerone chocolate, Reach floss. Kroger sent me some coupons which included some free items: pasta sauce and Sauve body wash. The body wash spongy things were .60 each. The Sunsweet dried apricots were about .66 each. They were on closeout and $1 coupon.

Target - The Benydryl topical pain reliever is .29...needed to use up my coupons before end of year. The Welch's juice was on clearence with $1 q were $1.09 each.

01 December 2011

no tv...yet

So I did more black friday looking than shopping. I decided to skip the whole wait in line at midnight thing just so I could try to get a cheap tv. I ended Thanksgiving with a migrane and went to bed early. I did go out shopping on Friday. It was like a regular Saturday.

The big news is I only bought myself stuff...mostly a lot of cash on new tires for the truck. Maybe I can't afford a tv.

I am not giving up on finding a tv. My biggest problem now is I have a better understanding aboub these new fangled tvs and my idea of a "good" tv has changed. They do say they will get cheaper just before Christmas. I will keep watching the ads.

08 November 2011

coupon addiction

So I haven't posted in a long time. Major reason I have gotten lazy and I don't think with winter coming on I will get any more excited about doing anything.

I also have been doing way more shopping then ever before. This couponing has gotten crazy. Seriously, I do not need another can of tomatoes in my house. It has become a game and it is addicting. Is there a CCA (compulsive couponers anonymous) out there? I have been cutting back but when they are just giving the stuff away it is hard to say no.

This past Sunday marked the first sunday since June that I didn't go shopping with coupons at the ready. I wish I could claim it all as will power but a death last week led me to do other things. Is this addiction? I think it is...but of course I would have to want to stop before it is worth thinking about. I did get back in the game on Monday.

And for my efforts this week I got 2 free stayfree, 4 moneymaking toothpastes, and four deoderants for 50 cents. I wanted to get some keri lotion that would have paid me $1.01 to take it but alas all those other people who need a few days with CCA beat me to the lotion.

I can't stop until I get my fill of cheap or free lotion. I tell you what...there are just no deals on the stuff. I did get some vasiline at Target a few weeks ago but that is it. And sun screen is the same way. I think lotion and body wash are really keeping me in the game cause I don't need anything else. OK, really, I don't need either of those.

Of course with winter coming on, that brings in a whole lot of other items one might need. Say cough drops, cough syrup, lip balm, nose tissue...you get the idea. I have been stocking up on some of this stuff already. And the coupons in the circulars are changing to match the season. Including the items above, there has been an increase in food items needed for baking and general holiday food items like turkeys and cranberries.

I just think I need to stockpile more. 2012 is coming. I guess I could do better at stockpiling more toliet paper but I just don't want to give the space to it. I try to convence my man to not buy tp. That I have enough to share and know what a great price is. I guess he needs to feel like he is buying something. But uuhhgg what does he do...buys the largest quantity package he can WITHOUT A COUPON! Could not believe my eyes. I bet it wasn't even on sale!

I thought I had him understanding the game and I thought he was playing with me. We had been out there in the real world doing it...together. Maybe I don't make a good coach. I failed somewhere. :( We are going back to square one.

As for my addiction to getting stuff cheap or free, all I can do right now is stay in the game. Black Friday is coming and I want a tv...I was thinking 32".  But from what I am seeing so far, I am going bigger! Not sure how big yet. I set the budget at $250 several months ago and that isn't for some no-name brand. And I might get me one of those blue ray players too.

I haven't camped out at a store ever, waiting for the doors to open. I was thinking it might happen this year...but wait...I was reading about how Best Buy will be opening up at midnight on Thanksgiving...I can do that. Although the crowds will be crazy I am sure. Also I don't know if that is the place that will have the best deal for me. I have some serious blog watching to do for the next two weeks.

I do know that I need to get to Rite Aid when ever they open on Thanksgiving. This might be difficult. I don't know where I might be on Thanksgiving yet and RA doesn't have stores where I might be going. I will get that figured out.

Lots of cheap or free items to get at RA. Earbuds or remote control anyone? Looks like I can get 4 of these for free to begin with.

And this Revlon is an even better deal because I have a $2 off coupon for it also!

You know you will be able to get an actual Snuggie for $4.99! I don't need one of those.

I am going to get me a couple $50 Home Depot gift cards that RA is paying me $10 in RA store money just for buying it.

I will buy 2 HD cards first and have $20 to spend on other items in the store, that will in turn give me more store money to spend. I am not going to have any problem spending the $100 at HD seeing how my kitchen needs some serious work.

Stay tuned as this is the best shopping time of the year!